Goldilocks Finds the Perfect Latex Mattresses to Replace Her 35-Year Outdated Latex Bedding!

In contrast to the story of “Goldilocks and the A few Bears,” the place Goldilocks tried sleeping on two beds just before she discovered that the 3rd bed was just right for her — my nickname is Goldilocks, but this is not a fairy tale. This is a Correct Story about finding my best latex mattress 40 several years back, when I purchased my very first mattress, and my hard look for to locate a substitute.

Whilst developing up, I employed to babysit our neighbor’s young children. When she discovered I would gotten engaged, she invited me to her residence a single day to suggest I acquire a latex mattress like hers. She pulled the sheets off her king measurement bed so that she could present me how the mattress had not sagged, and pointed out how the corners and edges ended up still company after an incredible volume of time. I desire I could bear in mind the precise amount of a long time she’d told me that she and her husband experienced been making use of their mattress, but I do remember that since of her tiny demonstration, I realized that I needed to acquire a latex mattress just like it even however I afterwards identified that it would cost me about twice what the average ‘spring’ mattresses were selling for at the time. I searched the nearby furnishings merchants, but could not find this latex mattress wherever. I remembered that when we had moved south, my mother experienced acquired a lot of her home furniture from a product sales rep at a big furniture keep in a close by town. He explained that though the retailer did not stock this mattress, he could purchase it, and I questioned him to purchase a strong latex mattress for me “SIGHT UNSEEN.”

My partner and I slept soundly on this latex mattress for 35 a long time without experiencing any aches or pains as we grew more mature, and we partially attribute our freedom from medicine and the very good overall health we get pleasure from to this latex mattress! It was not till about the thirty third 12 months when we seen that the protect was sporting out and exposing the latex in a couple of places, so we simply place it in a zippered mattress cover. This labored properly until the thirty fourth 12 months, when we started out noticing slight sagging and entire body indentations. We then commenced our lookup to acquire an additional latex mattress like it. I searched on the internet for the exact same latex mattress maker, but was unhappy to find out that they had closed their doorways. A neighbor advised we go to a tiny, nearby mattress manufacturer in our location whose loved ones had been building mattresses for 3 generations. I needed to be specific that he could give the very same latex as that of our first latex mattress. I instructed the proprietor the identify of its manufacturer, and I don’t forget him declaring, “All latex is the identical.” He was incorrect! Getting purchased 3 mattresses in a three-12 months interval, I feel I’m experienced to report: ALL latex is NOT the very same!

About one year later on, we noticed we were not sleeping as easily simply because our new latex mattress was sagging with slight valleys on possibly facet of the bed where every of us lay. We referred to as the manufacturer. It took a even though for him to come verify on it, but when he did see it, he mentioned that it failed to search like it was sagging. I reminded him that when I might known as him, I might informed him that he would not see the sagging — he had to lay on the bed to really feel the valleys. He did not lay on the mattress, but he did drive his arms down into the mattress in several different regions and he was amazed to see how deep his arms “sunk down” into the mattress… like there was not considerably help.

He ordered a new latex mattress to replace it, but this time he requested the firmest 1 he could. This 2nd latex replacement mattress did effectively till we would experienced it virtually a single yr, and then after once again we seen sagging with slight valleys exactly where we lay. This time I did some investigating and found that the business that created my 35-calendar year aged latex mattress was in business once again, but the closest retailer that carried their brand was 3 several hours absent. We produced the vacation one weekend only to find that the firm had cheapened the way it was developing its latex mattresses. We found a big dice of reliable latex in a distinct zippered plastic case beside a latex mattress, which led us to believe that the mattress was created of this solid latex. But when we lifted the mattress to see if it was ‘heavy’ latex like our 35-yr outdated latex mattress, we have been very stunned to learn how light-weight this new mattress was! Right after speaking to the retailer proprietor, we uncovered that the outdated manufacturer had offered its company together with its business identify, and the new homeowners had been sandwiching a slender piece of latex in amongst levels of polyurethane foam, and edging it with polyurethane foam around the outdoors edges, which he said would increase the daily life of this so-referred to as ‘latex’ mattress. We then found that the mattress was concluded on A single-Aspect ONLY. I will by no means recognize how these new features would gain the client, but I can see how the existence of this so-referred to as ‘latex’ mattress is shortened, which obviously benefits the mattress makers.

Right after returning residence and researching the world wide web, we now know what the massive mattress makers are undertaking. You will uncover that the majority of the large mattress producers, who have been in company for generations, have since resold their companies. A lot of of these new owners and share holders are interested in making massive, instant returns on their investments. They have redesigned and promoted their mattresses to place large earnings in their pockets, but the shortcuts they are creating to enhance their profits are lowering the beneficial existence of their mattresses. You do the math. If they all get together and choose to minimize the lifestyle of their items in fifty percent, we customers are forced to get their items More Frequently and they all income even more. For case in point: 1 of their shortcuts and advertising and marketing strategies is made to sell you on the benefits of getting a “one-sided” mattress, but in fact, the daily life of your mattress has been reduce in 50 percent and you will need to have to get at minimum two times as numerous mattresses in your lifetime if you want to slumber easily. In my lookup for the excellent latex mattress, I really spoke to 1 mattress keep operator a long time in the past who admitted she wished they would ‘bring back’ the 2-sided latex mattresses.

We also discovered that the two previous solid latex mattresses we owned began to “sink and are unsuccessful” right after one particular 12 months since they ended up not manufactured of the firmer Dunlop Latex. They ended up made of the more recent Talalay Latex, which is processed by incorporating far more air which can perhaps trigger the mattress to compress and soften in excess of time. After studying the distinctions between the two producing procedures, I relate an Angle Cake with the softer Talalay Latex, and I relate a Pound Cake with the firmer Dunlop Latex. I might even talked to the Talalay mattress manufacturer that manufactured each of our latex mattresses which softened right after only one particular 12 months. One of their customer services reps informed me that she cherished how her Talalay mattress softened above time and “conformed” to her human body to cushion it. I advised her that she was even now extremely youthful and what she regarded as cushioning, my spouse and I regarded as not comfortable valleys. We individually needed and envisioned a mattress to supply the assistance our bodies necessary for a lot more than a single, 5, or possibly 7 many years. The business did exchange that very first Talalay mattress that unsuccessful right after the first yr, but they would not substitute the 2nd 1. And, Buyer BEWARE: All mattress warranties are not the same. Remember to read and “realize” ALL the problems of your guarantee Prior to you buy your mattress.

In continuing my online search for my perfect latex mattress, I uncovered a extremely caring and valuable mattress manufacturer. Lee Carter, the proprietor and now my new pal, has a prosperity of private experience creating mattresses and has an abundance of knowledge regarding the mattress sector. He has exposed essential insider info that I was not aware of, such as a new authorities regulation which has brought on mattress manufacturers to use chemical substances to make fire resistant mattresses. Was the general community notified of this new regulation? Not only was I worried about exposing my physique to the perhaps hazardous substances in a new mattress, chemical compounds can also emit fumes and odors, which could lead to me to turn out to be nauseated due to my sensitivity to smells. To my information, Lee Carter owns the only company that offers its consumers “chemical totally free” mattresses following basically acquiring a competent prescription.

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