How Will do Libra Equilibrium this Cosmic Strength?

Discovering harmony in the Cosmic Energies is easier mentioned than completed! Below is Libra’s key to achieving that equilibrium. We are bombarded with cosmic energy from the moment we are born. It will come in 3 cycles, all getting unfavorable and positive facets. The attack can be sluggish motion (Inertia), large pace artillery (Action) or a sense of relaxed (Stability).

Balancing this energy is the key to private improvement, the awakening of our dormant virtues and reworking our vices into virtues. Mastering the cycle of strength by managing the movement from damaging to positive, from inertia to activity and then to harmony, is the progress method to attain self-mastery.


When we initial acquire raw or unfamiliar vitality, we tend to resist it. Whenever there is a alter, something new that we are not familiar with, our initial response is to be defensive. Usually we set up limitations to block the vitality.

If the strength coming toward us is too sturdy, we turn into overwhelmed and never know what to do. We continue to be in the inertia or stagnant condition right up until we can determine out what to do. During this stage, the vitality inside of us is not flowing outward but getting bottled up within.

Although we choose primarily based on our emotions no matter whether this unidentified energy is optimistic or negative, we attempt to steer clear of encountering its full impact.

As we drop backward into inertia and turn into stagnant, we in fact compress our personal vitality. If we remain in inertia way too lengthy, this bottled up energy implodes inside of of us, triggering us ache, diseases and tension.

No make a difference what it looks like on the outside, within this strength builds up till eventually the stress is so fantastic it explodes outward and propels us toward the unfamiliar vitality. This is when we find the real strength of the unknown energy or person.

If we move towards the unfamiliar energy or new circumstance and find it is certainly more powerful than us, we tumble more into inertia. We could experience concern, confusion or helplessness. We may even dread for our survival, based on the power of the strength coming toward us.


After we transfer towards the unknown energy and we locate that it is not much better, the bottled-up strength can now be released. We are propelled to the other extreme, which is activity. Hyper-exercise may be a greater phrase for it as it is the opposite extreme of inertia. We continue to be in action mode until we expel the power that was compressed or bottled up within of us.

We are frequently seen as overbearing and domineering in action mode. With expelling all the strong strength, will we now turn out to be the aggressor, or will we discover how to harness it?

If we misuse this power, then we are just inviting another man or woman to push us again to inertia after yet again.

Back to Inertia

Often we tumble back into inertia once more out of pure exhaustion. We go at such a frantic rate while in activity that we can be pushed back again by a much better particular person with a unfavorable reaction to our aggressive energy. Even so, this time we don’t fall back as considerably as the first time. We are able to get well more quickly since we are much more common with the new endeavor or man or woman.

Back to Activity

The strength that compressed towards our body while being in inertia propels us once again into exercise. Every single successive setback is much less and less extreme.

All vitality goes through alternating cycles of inertia and activity just before coming to harmony. This is the progress cycle foremost toward self-mastery.


Finally we cease swinging back and forth from 1 severe to the other and arrive at the center position or middle which is harmony.

We go via this process routinely and often unconsciously every time we experience newness or alter. We go by means of this take a look at of energy with every and each and every individual we meet up with. In seconds, we check every other and determine who is more robust. If we are more powerful, then we don’t concern that person’s negativity and can seem for the good.

On the other hand, if the other man or woman is much better, we unconsciously search to them to consider care of us or get gain of our weak point.

If we make a decision they would just take advantage or harm us, we will constantly appear for methods to sabotage them or overthrow their power, no matter how prolonged it takes us. A single way is to abandon the particular person and depart. In this situation, we generally focus on their negativity and do not appear for their constructive side.

Only when we feel equivalent, do we chill out, come to feel secure and in harmony.

This cycle of energies applies to every little thing, regardless of whether it is cosmic vitality, men and women, animals, positions, or virtues. But it truly is for the duration of Libra that we can make the most development consciously toward harmony. Seem cosmic energy profile are in the extremes, and deliberately go toward the heart.

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