Information Regarding the Ukrainian Levkoy Cat

One of the newest cat breeds around, Ukrainian Levkoy sometimes appears predominantly in the east European country of Ukraine. Very few of these cats exist far away. Work on the Ukrainian Levkoy began at the beginning of twenty first century when it had been felt there was a dependence on a cat of Ukrainian origin with a distinct appearance, particularly desirable for a few breeders. After continuous efforts, finally in early 2004, first Ukrainian Levkoy kittens were born through crossing of a lop-eared male with a lady Sphynx cat. Several dozen cats have already been born since then and so are currently registered mainly in Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrainian Levkoys have a very unique appearance. They resemble Sphynx cats but have ears somewhat like those of Scottish Folds. They are medium sized felines with an extended and sleek body. Head is long and flat on top with an angular and stepped face that’s almost dog-like. Eyes are big, almond shaped and occur in a number of bright colors. Distinguishing feature of the elegant cats is their ears that are folded frontally downward. Actually scottish fold kittens derive their name from the Levkoy plant, that has bent leaves, due to their ears. Tail and legs are long and paws are oval in shape.

The other striking feature of these stylish cats is their coat. They will have a thick and elastic skin and is frequently wrinkled if the cat isn’t in a fully stretched position. It is even said to be excessive over certain areas of the body. Hair are either very short and coarse, with uniform or patchy distribution, or entirely absent.

Not much is understood about Ukrainian Levkoys at the moment to indicate the current presence of any hereditary medical condition in their lines. They’re healthy and active cats and are said to be leading a normal life with the handful of breeders and families they are with at this point in time.

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