Know the difference between e-business and e-commerce!

Do you know the difference between e-business and e-commerce? Learn more about this subject and boost your profits using the internet!

The online medium, for sure, has innovated the way we see and interact with the world, in every sense of the word!

Thus, an entrepreneur of old, if he kept the same strategies and the same way of thinking, he would be bankrupting his company, because if people consequently change their habits and forms of consumption too – and not adapting is sentencing yourself to sign the death certificate for your business.

So, if you want to know more about how to succeed, the answer is on the internet! Today, we are going to talk about the two main ways that companies come into contact with their online consumers: e-business and e-commerce!

What is e-business and e-commerce?

Before explaining the differences, we know that the concepts of e-business and e-commerce are somewhat nebulous, which can confuse anyone and, unlike other sites, we want you to learn quickly and easily.

So, let’s divide to conquer, all right?

First of all, e-business is “online business” and, contrary to what you may be thinking right now, it does not necessarily have to involve a monetary transaction.

Thus, it relates to actions that are carried out strictly online, from the first contact to the consumption of the product that is offered, for example, Google’s own services: you have access to tools with Gmail without having to pay for it, just register. – And you don’t have to go anywhere for that.

E-commerce, on the other hand, is a type of “subcategory” of e-business, and needs to be sold in the middle of the digital process, thus sending the product to the indicated location and the like of an online purchase.

So, now that the concepts of e-business and e-commerce are clear, let’s go to their main differences!

What is the difference between e-business and e-commerce?

Well, let’s explain better the latent difference between e-business and e-commerce, so you will be able to better assess which “category” the trades you use belong to.

As we have already said, only e-commerce aims to affect a buying and selling relationship between the parties, but e-business involves the entire online procedure.

But what online procedure?

When you solve a doubt, evaluate the products and speak, through a chat or related, with an attendant, without even having to leave your electronic device, it is because it is inserted in the e-business, then, the act of consumption, e-commerce, is only a small part of the whole!

Having an e-business and e-commerce is an option, but not having great accounting!

Anyway, after all the explanation, it is notable that the viability of these two online “modalities” has a high potential to generate profit – not only great, but huge!

However, e-business and e-commerce have one more thing in common: they need specialized accounting in their fields, as modern problems require modern solutions!

We, at Audit Master, are specialized accounting professionals, and we offer an excellent accounting service for your enterprise! Therefore, we are at your side to increase your earnings, just that we are part of your journey to success!

Get in touch with us now and discover the possibilities that await you on and off the internet!


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