Meet The Precision Cancer Specialists NASDAQ: GTH – Genotron Holdings

Genetron Holdings Ltd. or as it is known by its trading name NASDAQ: GTH at is a precision oncology specialist. They deal with cancer-related products and services and are one of the best in the field. They use molecular biology and sciences relating to data to transform the treatment of cancer. Genetron engages in precision monitoring and diagnosis of different types of cancers. It creates products and provides services for early screening of liver cancer as well. It specializes in IVD and LTD products. LTD focuses on gene panel testing services and other gene-related services.


Genetron Holdings Ltd.

Started in 2015 by Hai Yan, Si Zhen Wang, and Wei Wu He, Genetron Holdings is based in Beijing China. “Gene” is derived from Darwin’s “pankinism” and is said to be the most primitive definition for genetic material. The name genetron is based on the same name and provides similar services. It has 7 certified IVD products which have led to its growth in NASDAQ: GTH. It delivers a one-stop solution for all genetic diagnosis relating to oncology or cancer. It is currency serving around 500 hospitals, more than 10 pharmaceutical companies, and research centers all over China. Since its inception in 2015, it has stored a huge genome database.


Achievements Of Genetron Holdings

It has achieved various feats in the field of sciences and oncology like;

  1. It has received the Delliote China Tomorrow Star Award in the year 2017
  2. In 2019, it was awarded the Securities Time, Technology Of The Year Award
  3. It was in the to 100 Chinese Science and Technology Innovative Enterprises
  4. It has been the Beijing Patent Pilot Unit.
  5. It has also set up the Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base

Many of these achievements of Genetron Holdings have allowed the investors to trust them and invest in this gene-based company’s NASDAQ: GTH stocks.


Investing in NASDAQ: GTH

Investing is not a piece of cake. It requires good analytics and certain numbers that the investors can trust before investing. Every company must ensure to keep these statistics to allow investors to invest in their company. Even, Genetron Holdings has such data for its investors. These are;

  1. Exchange – NASDAQ-GM
  2. Sector Health Care
  3. Industry – Medical Specialities
  4. Market Cap – 1,224,697,597
  5. Share Volume – 292,310
  6. Yearly high/low – $17.71/ $11.09

All these data play a vital role in deciding the companies investment. Hence, every company must make sure to raise these values as high as they can if they want to attract potential investors.


Genetron Holdings Ltd. has grown quite since 2015. It has developed trust and has been consistently providing products and services that help in the growth of the country and in turn its NASDAQ: GTH stocks. The company is bound to grow in the long run and hence, it is advised to buy stocks in the company and hold them.  If you are new for stock trading, you need to learn more basic information for stock trading like what is a margin account . Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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