Themed wedding invitations – Printing Options

Did you recognize when this comes in order to getting your wedding invitations, the type of publications you pick is a new big factor in the cost?

Here is a good set of the common sorts of print you can get whenever you visit your laser printer.


This is the most conventional for regarding printing. Also, it is the just about all high-priced. An personalized invites has raised letters in the front which is pushed through so you can feel this about the pack of often the document. Engraving is normally used for extremely formal invites.


This is some sort of good alternative to often the costly engraved printing. You may the look of decoration for half of the cost.

Some sort of thermographed invitation has lifted lettering that is shinier when compared with engraved produce and does indeed not press through the particular back side of the paper.

Lithography (Off Set Printing)

That type of party invitation can be printed with printer nonetheless does not have raised lettering. It is less costly than sometimes decoration or thermography.


If you’re on some sort of limited budget this is a great idea. Stationery can certainly be produced on a good laser light printer, either from a high quality print store or in your own home. The result should be very related to that produced by way of lithography.

If you will be a creative person and even want to make the personal announcements, here are usually some tips to keep on in mind:

Get high quality blank invitation kinds. (Don’t neglect to purchase several extras for procedure! )
Decide on that is formal, crisp, together with easy you just read to make it look like appropriately generated print.
Be quite careful the fact that announcements are usually fed throughout the printer right and consistently.
Calligraphy — Handwritten
When you are having the small romantic wedding or even want to individualize your invitations a handwritten party invitation on lovely letter head is certainly a nice idea.

Written by hand invitations can be made use of for a official or even informal wedding.

You may hire a calligrapher should you not have got beautiful handwriting. If you cannot manage to hire a calligrapher, a visit to you local printing device can fix this challenge. Most printers are now able to duplicate written by hand calligraphy making exclusive program for half the price tag on a professional calligrapher.

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