Think Just before You Consume Bottled Drinking water: Utilizing a Reusable Water Bottle Matters

“You cannot get by means of a solitary day without having obtaining an impact on the entire world around you. What you do tends to make a big difference, and you have to decide what sort of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

Hunting for an environmentally friendly idea to tap into? Here is one: ditch the plastic drinking water bottles and start acquiring your aqua at property.

An estimated 88% of plastic h2o bottles are NOT recycled in Canada – a quantity that is as embarrassing as it is staggering.

With each and every Canadian consuming 60 litres of bottled drinking water a 12 months – and sales surpassing espresso, tea, and milk – this is a great deal of plastic needlessly piling up in landfills.

In North America, it utilized to be that about 70 million plastic h2o bottles ended up in landfills each 12 months.

Today, in the US alone, People in america use an believed 50 BILLION plastic water bottles in a yr – and 40 billion of those finished up in landfills.

Holy batman… that is a Whole lot of plastic water bottles!

Across the globe, near to 2.5 billion kilograms of plastic are utilized to bottle drinking water each and every yr. And this plastic can get as extended as 1,000 many years to biodegrade. In the procedure, harmful additives are leaching into the groundwater.

As for the amount of oil essential to produce explained plastic? It will take seventeen million barrels of oil each year to make drinking water bottles for the US industry. That is the equal of fueling 1 million vehicles for a 12 months.

But wait around, there’s a lot more…
Footprint goes outside of the plastic

In contrast to the drinking water you get through your tap at residence, bottled water has a larger environmental footprint since it has to be transported in excess of long distances. Rather of simply currently being piped into your glass in the kitchen, it comes by truck, train, plane, and boat. And of transport require fossil fuels to get all around.

And a lot of bottled water manufacturers truly use filtered tap h2o comparable to the water you get at residence in any case. Furthermore, residential faucet drinking water is usually more strictly tested and controlled than bottled water, so it tends to make small sense to acquire some thing that is so plentiful and cheap at house.

Believe of the funds you are going to conserve

“Acquiring h2o in plastic bottles just does not make feeling financially,” clarifies the Pays to Live Green website. “It can price you as a lot as 2400 moments as considerably to get your drinking water in a 1-time use bottle as opposed to receiving it from the tap. The average bottle of water will cost you on regular of $.79 in contrast to just 1/three of a cent from your faucet.”

Here’s what you can do to lessen the impact of plastic water bottles:

1. End getting bottled drinking water – or probably begin by acquiring considerably less

two. Recycle any disposable plastic h2o bottles you do use – compared to throwing them in the garbage

3. Buy a reusable h2o bottle and use it at function, on the street, in the fitness center, and many others.

Getting these methods will help to maintain a lot more drinking water where it should be – outside of a bottle. It will reduce down on pointless waste in landfills by minimizing some of the millions of plastic drinking water bottles dumped every day.

So let us relieve up on automatically hitting the bottle and search for what is actually on tap rather.

Individually, I am a Huge drinking water drinker. I consume at minimum 2 litres of drinking water a day. So you’ll hardly ever see me out and about with a single of my two trusty Nalgene h2o bottles in tow. But on situation, if I neglect my h2o bottle or I operate out of h2o (and you will find no area to refill it) then I will buy a disposable bottle of drinking water. But I certain do not like to.

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