This content is designed to forged light on the particular American tourist visa app process for any girlfriend or boyfriend of an United Areas Resident.

visto americano valor can be not cognizant of the particular fact that United states Consuls have wide latitude inside matters pertaining to often the adjudication of US non-immigrant visa applications submitted through the entire world at American Quests in another country. Bearing that within mind, each yr a lot of American Citizens, both male and female, travel to help countries outside of typically the USA and satisfy an individual truly special. In circumstances such as this a lot of wonder: How can I actually get a visa intended for my foreign girlfriend (or boyfriend) to come to the United States? The response to this question is usually really not really as very simple as the idea could initially seem.Image result for american visa

Pursuant to be able to Segment 214(b) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act a new Consular Officer at the American Company, United States Embassy, or maybe United States Consulate-General is required to make a presumption the fact that a non-immigrant visa applicant is actually a planning immigrant unless they will show otherwise. This, subsequently, prospects to a good factual examination by the Consular Official. The particular Consular Officer need to assume that the applicant features somewhat “strong ties” in order to their home country, or virtually any other country outside the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and fairly “weak ties” to the United Areas. Throughout numerous cases, often the pure living of a new US resident girlfriend (or boyfriend) may mitigate against any “strong ties” abroad and bring about a visa for australia refusal within section 214(b). The Consular Officer’s refusal should not be misunderstood as a personal knock back. Instead, the adjudicating police officer is legally compelled to be able to turn down a tourist australian visa software if the consumer cannot get over the presumption required by way of section 214(b).

From the standpoint regarding an advocate, conquering the presumption enshrined by means of part 214(b) can be almost impossible in some jurisdictions. This can be further exacerbated by simply the particular myriad examples from the history of non-immigrant visa neglect culminating throughout an application regarding realignment of status together with the Integrated States Citizenship and Migrants Service (USCIS). These studies, coupled with the authorized presumptions imposed by simply portion 214(b) leave many US traveler visa apps improbable from your outset.

There will be many couples who also, after getting to know every other visit a real realization that their particular marriage should blossom directly into anything permanent; make the selection to apply for American family members australian visa gains. As opposed to help applicants for the non-immigrant visa categories, immigrant visa for australia applicants (or people with regard to visas which permit unsuspecting “dual intent”) are certainly not subject to Consular adjudication pursuant in order to section 214(b) of the INA. Thus, those people submitting a application intended for travel files such since the CR1 visa, often the K1 visa, and the particular IR1 visa do not need to be like concerned with issues coming up within section 214(b). That said, just about any visa use should be based upon bona fide facts and loved ones based visa applications have to be based upon bona fide relationships applied for independent involving a desire to receive American visa benefits.

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