TSX Sex Toys developed their baseball banger for sports fans. It’s a baseball themed dildo, that works for die hard baseball fans, and those who know nothing about sports alike. TSX Sex Toys are known for making innovative dildos that are designed for pure pleasure, and the Baseball Banger is one of their many pleasure inducing toys.

It’s a black shaft that looks like a baseball bat. It has an exciting twelve inches of length, an insertable length of 10.5 inches and a 2.5 inch diameter. It measures at 7.75 inches at its widest point. It has a smooth shaft, and a pair of themed balls at the end, shaped like baseballs. It even has a diamond inscribed on the shaft.

http://yoursite.com s not only the theme that makes this dildo fun, it’s the way it has been designed for your pleasure. It allows easy insertion, and then flares out to give you the satisfaction of feeling full and a stimulating sensation. It’s a firm dildo that will open you up, and stretch you to your limits, while bringing you some of the most exquisite pleasure you will ever have. The smoothness of the shaft will make it easy for you to insert as much of it as you can take.

It’s made from a skin safe, phthalate free vinyl, and is waterproof. So you can use it if you’re in the bath or shower without worrying about damaging your toy. You can use it to bring yourself to an amazing orgasm, or with a partner for a hot fantasy fulfilling night.

When you want to start your adventure with the Baseball Banger, start by massaging your butt, and making sure that you are relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the easier and more enjoyable it will be. Once you have relaxed your body, you should apply one of our personal lubes, that have been designed to be safe for use with toys. When you’ve finished exploring the wonderful sensations that this dildo will bring, make sure that you clean it with a toy safe cleaner, like the ones in our range.

The Baseball Banger is suitable for anyone who want the amazing sensations that it can offer. Every thrust and movement will send orgasmic fireworks through your whole body. The shape of this incredible dildo will reach every pleasure zone you need it to, and a few you didn’t even know you had. Try the Baseball Banger once, and it will be a home run.

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