The Vivo S1 isn’t your ordinary smartphone. It’s a powerful phone, but it’s not like an iPhone or an Android. This phone doesn’t try to be a high end smartphone. It tries to be a good phone, with all the features that a smartphone can have. vivo s1 That’s what makes it so different from other smartphones.

The camera on the Vivo S1 isn’t anything special. The front camera on this smartphone isn’t something special. It’s just average. The photos it takes are good, but the resolution on the back camera is poor.

The battery on the Vivo S1 can last you through a few days, but that’s about it. The phone’s UI isn’t bad, but it’s not something that will win you any new fans. The Android interface on this smartphone is smooth, but there are only so many apps that work on it. The interface on the Vivo S1 feels like it’s designed to be on an iPhone, but it’s just not as easy to use. If you’re looking for an everyday powerhouse, then the Vivo S1 isn’t your best bet.

The screen on the Vivo S1 isn’t something that won you over. The display is small and fonts are small. You might not have a problem reading text on the screen, but if you want to watch a video, you’ll have to watch it in HD. The S series from Samsung is designed for power-hungry professional users who are always on the go. However, this phone does not do enough to justify its high price tag. It also lacks any software that will make it appealing to the masses.

The battery life on the Vivo S1 proves that Samsung understands the needs of their customers. It lasts several hours in a low-light condition, but you have to charge the phone every night before you can leave home. The phone works great in bright light, but it does get very cold when it’s winter time. The battery backup on this smartphone is also good, but the slow speed of the shutter speed makes it impractical for professional photographers. This review ends up saying a lot about this smartphone’s features, but it’s really hard to come up with something positive about it.

In general, this smartphone doesn’t live up to the hype that was surrounding it before it was launched. It’s difficult to find anything impressive about it, despite having a powerful hardware and an attractive amoled display. The average consumer should pass this smartphone by and instead look for another smartphone that has better performance for a more competitive price.

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