For last 3 a long time I requested myself:

“Should I get my very own domain?” “What will be my return on investment decision (ROI)?”
“What if my domain doesn’t rank in look for engines? If not, then why I need to devote $ten on it?”

I was puzzled. It is not that I could not spend $10 to get my personal area. But I was uncertain about what influence it would carry as an alternative free of charge area and internet hosting from companies like Blogger, WordPress.

It took me three many years to encourage myself that owning area is greater than free of charge domain. I bought my area identify just a thirty day period before from this composing.

I give you 10 causes why you ought to also consider acquiring your self very own domain:

one. Easy to bear in mind

If you personal your domain title you will be exclusive with that name on the net. It will be simpler to keep in mind than cost-free domain names.

2. Dependability and performance

If you will have your own domain title, you send out the information to the guests that you have duties to this domain. With this believe in they will spend time in your blog/internet site more than any free of charge site.

3. Do no matter what you like

If you have a cost-free area, your weblog/site can be shut with no any further recognize. But if you have your very own area name, you pick in which you like to host your material. If you do not like any internet hosting provider, you can shift out and choose in for one more with no dropping look for engine ranking.

4. Potential to retain rating and site visitors

When you have your personal domain, you can move out to greater internet web hosting (world wide web host is exactly where you maintain your website or site content material to present on internet) with out worrying about ranking and targeted traffic to your internet site. On the contrary, with cost-free area title, if you go from one particular to another, you get rid of visitors to your new internet site.

5. Possessing your possess content which you have labored difficult to develop

With your possess area title, collectively with your possess world wide web web hosting, you will be the Manager of your site or website, and in the end have entire handle to your material.

6. Site advancement and how you will be found by search engines

Without having a question, your very own domain identify functions as an authority for your website or web site towards research engines. Lookup engines credit score to the basic principle area identify. For example, if you have a free area hosted on Blogger, research engine will rank Blogger as an alternative of your website.

With your proprietary area, you allow lookup engines to index your site with far more authority and believability.

7. Your very own area is an powerful tool to model yourself

In the event that you want to demonstrate your own function on web, possessing your domain name is the most practical way. For instance, in the function that you are an artist, designer (fashion, architecture), author, photographer or any personal who wants to demonstrate possible companies your amazing operate, your possess domain identify will act like a business card to them. With it, you give them the concept of professionalism and credibility.

8. You can monetize your weblog or internet site with your area identify if you wish

The greatest part is (only if you want to), if you want to make money online, with your own area title, you can show advertisement or turn into an affiliate to generate money.

However, this will not occur right away and wants some critical work at your facet ahead of you see true income stream. But you don’t know what is in the long term.

With your own area title your credibility increases to the guests as well as a person who seeks skilled support. They could locate your site useful to employ the service of you.

9. Acquire before somebody else purchases the domain title

It will be very considerably regretting that at some point you choose to buy your favourite domain name and find out that it is previously taken.

What’s far more, when anyone buys your favourable area identify, it will be no much more accessible to you to purchase as new area (unless of course the domain is for sale). The worse component, he/she can make the domain title either nicely-identified or probably much more regrettable. But, you are not able to do everything.

Consequently, act just before a person else has the domain title and use it for his/her edge.

ten. A domain identify is tremendous cheap

For effectively-acknowledged leading-amount domains, for instance, com, you invest optimum $one for every thirty day period for registering your domain with a very good area registrar. That is more affordable than a cup of espresso in Starbucks!


With relieve to set up and cheap to purchase, I definitely advocate you to sign-up and very own your possess area name. With $one for each month, it is one of the best investments you would do, certainly for prolonged operate.

If you make the selection to very own your area title, congratulations! Check my guidebook on purchasing your quite very own area identify:

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