You cannot steer clear of the accidents occurring within a workplace, but a person can, of course , acquire some initiative to make them happen less. Accidents may well occur anywhere, nevertheless there are some particular places where it is frequent, among such place may be the staircases. Although typically the construction companies include already invested their particular effort to make the staircases much free from danger for you by simply installing handrails, but this is not the only point you may need for confirming the safety and safety of your respective staircases. Simply by setting up safety features like anti-slip stair treads, you could enhance the protection of you and your workers inside the workplace.

Numerous workers have sued their companies with regard to various accidents in staircases. If you want to stay secured from this sort of situations, install a new stair nosing technique on your steps.

The Process:

The particular stair nosing process really is easy, you just need to get the measurements of your stairs plus order anti-slip whitening strips according to this. These strips ought to cover the sharpened and steep corners of the steps and form a new firm coating that will enhance the grip while jogging or treading after the staircases.

These kinds of stair treads not necessarily only prevents you from slipping and even falling down the stairs, but also covers the razor-sharp edges, which can turn out to be a reason regarding accident.

Various Elements Used In This kind of Process:

Manufacturers employed various materials in order to make this stair treads like aluminum, steel, wood, and so forth Amongst these, fibreglass is the many proper material used intended for making these fittings. This is the modern-day material in addition to is far additional beneficial if in contrast with one other regular materials like steel and aluminum. get by making use of fibreglass material:

Light source Weight:

Conventional elements are heavy excess weight and thus, people young and old find it quite difficult for training and installing in the workplaces. Even the manufacturers’ demand additional charge if they will install theses fixtures. In case involving the fixtures made using fibreglass, people young and old can easily install them or carry them from one particular place to the additional.


Another many important feature relating to this material is of which they offer intensive slip-resistivity. This anti-slip feature is in the stairs for enhancing the hold and preventing men and women from slipping plus tripping. Apart coming from these, fibreglass will be one of typically the most robust materials used and thus, could withstand huge strain.

These are the two most unique attributes for which, manufacturers have chosen it for the step nosing fixtures. Separated from these, generally there are various some other unique qualities of which you can get by using fibreglass.

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