One particular of the issues I have seen among individuals that like to print out addresses for their DVD collections, is getting it to occur out the right dimensions. For a long time, mine would always stop up with about a 1/4 of an inch lower off.

I have utilized distinct applications with varying degrees of success. Often they would occur out excellent, but more typically than not, I was not completely pleased with the results, and if I was, I would faster or later on be requested to hand more than my dough, now that the trial period of time was above.

I just lately started using the freeware Irfanview ( to print my covers, and now they usually come out at the proper size.

Step one: If you do not presently have Irfanview, obtain it (see url earlier mentioned). As soon as downloaded, open it.

Phase two: At the leading of the website page in remaining hand corner, you will see “File”. Click on that. Click “Open up”. Now, browse to the place ever the DVD go over you want to print is stored. Click on on it. Now click open up and you will now see the graphic in the Irfanview window.

Step 3: Once again, click on on File. Star Wars the clone wars dvd set on on Print. This will carry up the print preview. For print size, choose personalized.

The measurements you want to enter rely on no matter whether you want it to match a regular sized DVD situation, or the somewhat thinner trim line situation.

Normal sized case-width: 27.six centimeters height:18.four centimeters

Slender line circumstance- width: 10.five inches height:seven.25 inches.

Make sure you have the right units for custom and place selected(inches or centimeters), and click on on print.

Stage four:Wait around a bit for it to dry (Obviously, you will be ready to notify better than I will, given that I do not know what kind of paper you will be using. At times, typical basic everyday duplicate paper functions, and occasionally you may possibly want to use photograph paper or matte, instead).

Action five

Trim off the extra paper, both with scissors or Exacto knife, razor, etc. Be mindful!

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