Numerous organizations have an technique for identifying and recording lessons learned, maybe as portion of a put up-venture overview or similar method. Regrettably, classes learned reviews have a inclination to conclude up on a shelf collecting dust, or lost in the un-chartered corner of a fileserver someplace. Let’s get real. How numerous individuals will really trawl diligently by way of a quantity of lessons realized paperwork in order to glean some essential stage? The fact is, if you can motivate personnel to initiate any variety of “learning ahead of performing” action, then you?re doing pretty nicely.

Bear in mind the previous time you packed your bag in preparation for a business journey?

All these items you require to remember? tickets, passport, currency, itinerary, contact, driving license, power adaptor, Ipod?

We control to bear in mind the things we require for our organization journeys without likely via every single previous suitcase-packing experience in our minds, one by a single. Somehow, we sustain a meta-amount record in our recollections. And but, when it arrives to lessons discovered, we count on people in our corporations to operate believed a pile of classes uncovered reports in the hope that a key insight will leap out at them?

We want to uncover techniques to package deal expertise into effortlessly available “information belongings” – structured with a client in mind.

The methods underneath are taken from the greatest-promoting fieldbook “Understanding to Fly – Functional expertise management from top and studying organisations”, created by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell. They do not need innovative, bespoke technological innovation just a wilingness to think-through and construction what has been uncovered.

1. Discover a buyer for this information. Have a very clear client – present or long term – in brain when contemplating the development of a understanding asset.

two. Get very clear what your understanding asset is really about. What is the scope of your understanding asset? A understanding asset needs to include a specific area of company exercise.

three. Identify a neighborhood of apply relating to this subject. The community will be the resource of the knowledge at first, the consumers of the knowledge in quick time period, and the men and women who have an on-heading accountability for validating the long term contents of in the information asset. This is important ? or there is a actual chance that you will end up with an electronic time capsule – a snapshot in time of the way issues employed to be carried out – fairly than the current, prized know-how in your organisation.

four. Collate any present materials on which you can foundation your information asset and seem for common suggestions. Supply some context so that people can recognize the purpose and relevance of the knowledge asset. Are there common suggestions that you can distil out of this material?

5. Develop a checklist illustrated with examples and tales. The checklist ought to notify the person of the knowledge asset:

“What are the concerns I want to request myself?”

“What are the measures that I need to have to get?”

Illustrate it with illustrations, stories, images, electronic pictures, designs, estimates, video and audio clips if possible.

six. Consist of links to folks. Create a hyperlink to the person’s individual residence web page or e-mail tackle anywhere you point out them in the textual content. Incorporate a list of all the men and women with any romantic relationship with the content material. Use thumbnail pictures if you have them offered.

7.Validate the Guidelines Flow into the guidelines all around the local community again, and ask “Do the guidelines correctly reflect your information and knowledge?” “Do you have anything to add?”

8. Publish the expertise asset. Store the information in a area where it can be accessed by its group. Often this will suggest the organization intranet.

9. Initiate declaration for resume and ownership approach. Stimulate suggestions from customers, so that they decide up and eradicate any invalid tips. Instil a feeling of obligation that “if you use it, then you ought to add to it”.

In excess of time, you are going to construct up a collection of expertise belongings which relate to the important methods in your organisation ? the locations which can provide aggressive advantage. The generation of these tangible information property provides a target for the communities of practice linked with each and every a single, and in the long run will give credibility to your information management initiatives.


Chris Collison is a renowned professional in knowledge administration and an experienced practitioner in the management and implementation of organisational modify from a folks standpoint.

As a greatest-offering creator, he has offered to audiences at company educational institutions and at conferences close to the globe, and is a standard contributor to specialist knowledge administration publications. Chris has labored with leaders at the greatest amounts of a lot of public and private-sector corporations, sharing the useful experiences he obtained even though doing work in BP’s information administration staff, and his deep comprehension of the human dynamics of major adjust programmes.

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