Sport is appealing for a variety of reasons. Maintaining one’s health, for example, has often been mentioned as a motivation for engaging in sports. Everyone else will probably tell you that they participate in sports for fun. Sports are much more prevalent among those who do not engage in them but like watching them while sitting on your 꽁머니. People have been amazed and inspired by exceptional human beings who can accomplish incredible athletic exploits from time immemorial. Here is a quick rundown of the world’s most popular sports.


Few sports can compete with football mainly as a spectator sport, and this is mirrored by the number of individuals who engage in the activity, whether at the local levels, in 5-a-side leagues, or just for pleasure with friends. According to the most recent worldwide census conducted by the sport’s governing organization FIFA, there are 265 million individuals who play the sport, as well as more than 5 million referees, approximately corresponds to 4% of the world’s population.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World


Basketball, a popular sport created by American-Canadian teacher James Naismith, is currently practiced worldwide by an estimated 825 million people. Basketball is indeed a fast-paced team sport that is played by two teams. There is no disputing that basketball is presently one of the most discussed sports in the world. The sport already has a number of female leagues throughout the globe, which garners media interest. Basketball fans can testify that companies are ready to pay millions of dollars on endorsement agreements with elite players. As witnessed with LeBron James as well as Michael Jordan’s sneaker contract with Nike, these partnerships have occasionally lasted long after the player’s retirement.


Cricket has a fan following of 2.5 billion people. The game is top-rated in the United Kingdom and several former British colonies, including Pakistan, India, especially Australia. It is similar to baseball in that it includes two teams, a bat, a big field, as well as scoring runs. However, there are significant distinctions, such as a long rectangular pitch there in the middle of a cricket field where the ball is delivered to a batsman as opposed to a mound in the center of a baseball diamond confronting a batter on home plate.


Tennis is really the world’s fourth-largest sport, with over 1.5 billion fans. There are approximately 50 professional tennis leagues worldwide, including a handful of mega-events. This is a unique sport with just one or two team members. Over 1.5 billion people watch mega-events and major rivalry matches. Tennis superstars such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic are well-known across the globe and have thousands of millions of followers. At the same time, luminaries such as Pete Sampras as well as Boris Becker are still mentioned by our elders. Tennis’ main tournaments, the four major championships, are watched by around 400 million people worldwide.

Table Tennis

Table tennis enthusiasts, like volleyball fans, are spread all over the globe. Table tennis has a large fan base of over 900 million people and has been the fifth most famous sport, with millions of enthusiasts, amateur players, including professional players. The sport remains widespread in nearly every country globally, but only as a recreational and amateur activity. Professionally, the sport is only prevalent in a few nations, including Sweden, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Para table tennis gives Alexa Szvitacs newfound hope | International  Paralympic Committee


Golf is seen as a wealthy man’s sport. It is not surprising that it has the best professional prospects in industrialized nations like the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, South Africa, and Korea. Despite being the world’s eighth most popular sport, golf generates the most income and offers the most prize money to its competitors. A player with Tiger Woods’ skills might quickly become the wealthiest sportsman in the world. Golf has a global fan base of 450 million people.

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