There are three levels at which the Nasdaq quotes are available. Level 1 shares the inside quote as such that they have the highest bid price and the lowest asked price. For this reason, the brokers are unhappy with the Nasdaq stock exchange market as they could not earn profit from the difference between both the bid price and the asked price. All the public market quotes are available in Level 2 and all it contains is the information about the market dealers who just want to buy or sell the stock and also the orders that have been extended in recent times.

What is the NASDAQ: SYNL stock?

The NASDAQ: SYNL at is popularly known as the Synalloy Corporation Common Stock and according to the data which is mentioned in the today’s data has the value of the share as such $7.such and the lows that they have faced is -0.0625 and the total -0.87% in percentage as such in 14th of August in the year 2020.


The exchange of the NASDAQ: SYNL is the NASDAQ-GM and the sector it works under is the Basic Industries with the industry of the Steel Ore and Iron Ore. The NASDAQ: SYNL stock has not revealed its yearly target. The value of the share according to today’s report which is the 14th of August is 7.35 dollars if it is high and if it is high then the value of the share goes to 7.07 dollars. The share volume is 13,531 and the Average Volume Label is 49835 total in number.


The value of the share according to the 52 weeks is basically almost the one year and if it is low then the value goes to 6.91 dollars and the high value is 16.54 dollars. The value of the market cap is very huge and it is 64,832,921 which has somehow initiated the popularity of the NASDAQ: SYNL in the international stock exchange market.


The forward P/W ratio of the NASDAQ: SYNL for one year is not mentioned and the EPS which is also known as the Earning Per Share is in negative which is $0.37 and the Annual Dividend is 0.25 dollar. The ex Dividend Date is registered as 29th of November in the year 2018 and the Dividend Pay Date is 12th of December in the same year 2018. The current yield profit or loss of the NASDAQ: SYNL stock is 3.46% and the beta is only 1. It is located in 4510 COX ROAD SUITE 201, RICHMOND of Virginia in the United States of America. You can check more stock news for stock trade.


Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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