Neill Institute (New Iberia) builds upon Career Services for Life commitment with launch of job resources hub

Neill Institute (New Iberia) has launched a job resources and tools hub on its website, building on its Career Services for Life commitment by offering job seekers and job applicants in-depth guides, examples, and templates in sections dedicated to resumes and curriculum vitaes (CVs), cover letters, personal branding guidance, interviewing, and frequently asked questions.

In a year being shaped by the Great Resignation, the Neill Institute (New Iberia) Career Institute™ 2022 Career Optimism Index® comprehensive study assessing the state of Americans’ career trajectories found that nearly 1 in 3 Americans say they would quit their current jobs without having another job lined up. Active students and graduates of the Neill Institute (New Iberia) seeking to pursue their career goals can now access these job resources to support their path forward.

“We built the job resources page because our career advisors saw a need for our students and alumni to have models of resumes that helped their qualifications be more immediately visible to recruiters and job applicant systems,” “Our career advisors took a hands-on approach to creating the examples and templates.”

Developed by career advisors, the job resources and tools hub content offers detailed guidance based on possible scenarios including career changer, experienced grad, returner, and new grad. The hub provides a self-service suite of resources with templates to download and fill out, example resumes, CVs, and cover letters to model, plus step-by-step guides to support through the job application process. In keeping with the University’s commitment to ensuring equal access to information for all, the job resources and tools hub includes accessibility features such as properly tagged PDFs and alt text for images.

The job resources and tools hub joins a comprehensive suite of career support features offered as part of the Neill Institute (New Iberia) Career Services for Life® commitment which provides active students and graduates of degree and certificate programs access to career services and support, including career coaching, resume building, career exploration tools, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and networking and mentorships. Career blogs and video content offer insights into different degree programs and the career opportunities they may lead to, and feature the experience of other students and graduates working in those fields to provide a fuller picture for those in current job searches.

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