The world of online poker may seem to be very fascinating. It attracts numerous new players every day. However, always all that glitters is not gold. People play online poker instead of earning quick money. Everyone dreams to be a billionaire by playing the game of luck. However, after some days of playing, they understand that it is not that easy as it seems to be. There is much more the game needs apart from luck for the rewards.

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The realization of the ugly truth of online poker makes a person unhappy. With it increases the degree of stress during a play. And when they are not able to play well, they go into a depressive state of mind. Poker has many a time proved to be unhealthy for the human body and mind. Let’s see how.


  • After the effects of losing – Not everyone can accept lose bravely; be it in any field of life. In every game, there are loses and wins. Online poker is nothing different. The money involved of course adds to the stress while playing. Some players get possessive about winning each game. And that brings distress. Even when they lose a single round of the game, they panic and get even more tensed. There is no point in overstressing your mind. Play it like a game. And even if you lose, just shut down your machine and find ways to distract yourself. Do something that will relax your mind. This way you will be able to restrict the breakdown of your brain.


  • Trying to get back your investment – If you win a few rounds of online poker, there are also chances for you to lose. It cannot be a win-win situation only for you. People merely understand this fundamental. Once they have deposited money, they keep trying to get back their money at any cost. And eventually, they lose upon time, energy and more money. After a person is drained emotionally, they realize what they have lost. By then it becomes too late and they end up getting depressed and gloomy in life. The financial crunch makes your life hell, It is wise to make a small investment where the risk is less and you can enjoy the game.


  • Addiction to online poker – Playing online poker1001 over some time makes you get addicted. Especially when you treat poker as a very important piece in your life. Too much of anything is poison. When you are addicted to this online game, you lose on other beautiful things in your life. You forget your beautiful family, your friends, and your well-wishers. At some point in time, you feel lonely and depressed as you do not find anyone to share your thought. Best would be to play the game moderately and keep a balance of everything in life.


To overcome the above ill effects you should prepare yourself first before starting to play a game of online poker. Calm yourself down and console your mind to face the consequences as it comes. Remember that this is a mere game and there is more to life.

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