I’ve been a physiotherapist for 6 years in Australia. In Australia, physiotherapy is really tough to get into through a university. For instance, the TER score (score immediately after you finish your high college certificate) was 93 in 2000. That was the third highest score to apply for via university. Now, you may perhaps assume that the greater the difficulty to apply, the larger the prestige, earnings and satisfaction the job will be. You think so ideal? Incorrect!

Let me tell you, physiotherapy or physical therapist as a profession option is not what you believe. I came to assume when performing the course I expect a high earnings and high levels of satisfaction, but from my knowledge and other people this is completely incorrect. I have friends who have been performing physiotherapy for extra than 5 years who have changed careers due to the fact they believed physiotherapy will get them nowhere. I’ve been told by one particular of the board members of the physiotherapy association that there is no physiotherapist operating full time in a private practice above 45. So it appears numerous physiotherapists are not satisfied with their profession.

So why is it that many physiotherapists are not happy with their careers? I can give you 3 fantastic reasons.

1st is the revenue. Our income is about $60-70k year on typical, but the ceiling for physiotherapist to get is around $100-110k a year (which is uncommon) if working for a person or in the public sector. Now in the private sector (operating in your personal practice) you can make considerably additional, about $100k or greater. But setting up and functioning in the private sector price cash and it is extremely high-priced. You have to spend rent, equipment, labor and numerous other expenses. So in the end, you may not make a great deal because of all the expenditures.

Second is the level of satisfaction. You may perhaps feel helping folks get better tends to make you happier, it does. But there are several extra men and women who never get better. Also, the job that you do in physiotherapy is extremely monotonous it’s either doing assessment, electrotherapy, workouts or hands on function (which I essentially get in touch with massage). Folks who function as a physiotherapist will most probably have hand, wrist or back pain simply because the job calls for you to do repetitive movements or awkward postures most of the time. For psychologists brisbane bending down to treat a patient on a bed,

Third is safety. If you do additional courses or have masters degree to specialize in physiotherapy, most most likely that won’t assure you additional earnings or status. There is a lack of differentiation among an experienced physiotherapist or an inexperienced physiotherapist in terms of spend. Also, the future of physiotherapy as a profession is overtaken by other health professionals such as chiropractors and even nurses.

This is due to incompetence of the physiotherapy board and association of pushing our status in government and common public opinion into insignificance. It seems that the physiotherapy association has no lobbyist in the government or insurance industry thereby cutting our status as a well being professional. For instance, insurances are cutting physiotherapist prices and solutions (for instance HBA in the UK) as they see physiotherapy as not essential. In the lengthy term, physiotherapy as a profession will die out and overtaken by other wellness professionals.

So is physiotherapy a very good or undesirable career selection? I say most certainly not a very good career selection. But this is my opinion. If you want to get an additional person’s opinion, see your physiotherapist or a individual who is working in your career.

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