The Memorial Day celebration is fast approaching. Most people celebrate this to commemorate the courage and bravery of veterans.

Some restaurants are open during this holiday. These restaurants can cater to customers, especially to veterans and their families.

Luckily, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software has features that help your restaurant boost promotions during this holiday.

Here are some ideas you can look into.

  1. Give veterans and active military members vouchers

You can give a coupon or promo for veterans’ families using a menu QR code promotions tool.

Offer veteran families some customer loyalty prizes, vouchers, and discounts based on their purchases to keep them enticed in trying out your restaurant.

Restaurants can provide discounts or coupons on their custom-built websites. After receiving the following transaction code, customers can access the voucher online.

Create a promotion QR code for your restaurant. The best QR code generator can make restaurant coupons with a coupon QR code.

This promotion will encourage veterans’ families to use your voucher.

  1. Donate tips

During Memorial Day, your business can offer a charitable activity by gaining tips from customers.

Interactive restaurant menu QR code software’s tipping feature benefits restaurants and veterans.

You can vow to contribute your restaurant tips to the veterans’ community.

This campaign is vital, most especially during the celebration of Memorial Day.

Digital menu software allows tipping. Customers can place meal orders by scanning a QR code, adding items to a cart, and selecting a tipping percentage or amount.

Tips help restaurants save for unexpected costs and donate the proceeds to veterans.

  1. Social media Memorial Day promos

A restaurant’s social media account can engage with customers. You can promote Memorial Day campaigns and promotions on your social media account.

You can also take Instagram followers behind the scenes of your restaurant’s Memorial Day preparations.

Post a video of your restaurant’s chef displaying his culinary skills and advertising specials for veterans’ families.

Customers can tell your restaurant’s simple goals since you care about employees.

Social media can help increase restaurant traffic and profit from customer engagements.

  1. Email-marketing

This is a great Memorial Day marketing strategy for restaurants.

Retargeting email marketing for veterans’ communities and families is key to keeping them coming back.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software collects client information. Only customers who order online from the restaurant’s website have their data collected.

Restaurant owners will use customers’ data for an email marketing campaign. You can present vouchers and a return invitation through this campaign.

It emails frequent customers with targeted marketing information.

You can send veterans and their families some promotions, vouchers, and freebies to enjoy via email.

  1. Interview veterans and their families

Veterans and their families can enhance your restaurant’s online presence and engagement.

For instance, you can create a documentary or an interview with a veteran or a family member. The discussion will be set inside your restaurant establishment while they talk about their experiences during the war.

Some locals will be interested in the location setting of the veteran’s interview. Thus, this strategy also lets you engage the foot traffic of customers. Customer engagements will potentially allow you to gain more revenue.


Promotional Ideas for the Memorial Day celebration are easy to achieve using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

The software lets you enjoy its features in catering to customers efficiently. Promoting special celebrations like this one enables you to create more traffic and engagements with customers.

Thus, let these promotional ideas help you think of other gimmicks on how to promote your restaurant during special holidays.

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