Let pleasurable relief and pleasure seep out of every pore of your body as you vibrate to the intensely stimulating power of the incredible Tenga Misty Egg masturbator, let the misty sweetness enchant you and bring you to a quick and trembling rumble of ecstasy and release, the experience is so sublime and so magical that all you need to get hooked is just a little taste. Tenga is proud to present this amazing addition to its growing collection of awesome egg masturbators, the Tenga Misty Egg is no exception and boasts an incredible inner texture deliberately configured for intense stimulation; and mind-blowing sensations. http://yoursite.com of the sleeve is dotted with an array of small triangular dots, and nodules which provide a steady supply of toe-curling strokes, and sensual massage to the shaft as you thrust into the egg. It’s also designed to be extremely stretchy and supple; and it easily expands to accommodate any dick size, stretching up to 12 inches in length and to a girth of 8 inches. The Tenga Misty Egg offers exceptional enjoyment whatever your size, and the snug fit offers a realistic experience. Crack the protective hardboiled shell open to get the party started, and lubricate the inside of your stroker generously with the included Tenga lubricant, then insert your penis while pinching the tip in the same way you would a condom, this will protect the sleeve from possible damage . Note that this Japanese masturbator is designed for single use and made from delicate material, over-stretching or rough use may cause it to rip but with careful handling, cleaning and plenty of lube, you can enjoy multiple uses from your Tenga Misty Egg. It is presented in a discreet and travel-friendly package. Just slip it into your pocket or bag to enjoy on the go.

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