Employing a line mesh base cage. This isn’t recommended with guinea pigs, since their little feet slip through the mesh and get irritated by the steel, creating base lesions and an infection called bumblefoot. A solid ground crate with a soft bedding like pelleted report is significantly better. Putting a boar and a sow together without being organized for the results – a lot of little guinea pigs. If not neutered, male and woman guinea pigs put together can in all likelihood partner and trigger offspring. Reproduction guinea pigs is generally not advised if you should be perhaps not fully conscious of the consequences.WE GOT ONE!! Meet our new PET GUINEA PIG! First day home routine ...

Not creating the home guinea-pig-proof. There are numerous danger in a normal home for a guinea pig on the loose. The most evident kinds include something that actions – be it people, opportunities, things that may fall down, or such a thing that can press a guinea pig. Another one is cords – guinea pigs chew every thing in view, and electric wires are not very good food! Natural crops are another possible threat to guinea pig health – lots of them (such as ficus or azalea) trigger food poisoning if chewed on.

Perhaps not cleaning the cage often and usually enough. Guinea pigs are clean creatures and experience miserable in a filthy cage. Poor health is also often the reason behind attacks and numerous significant diseases. A guinea pig crate must certanly be completely cleaned one or more times weekly (better twice), with the complete
bedding renewed. Food servings and the water tube should be washed daily.

Maybe not giving enough space and exercise. A sight observed frequently is just a guinea pig hunched in the place of a tiny crate, barely going from that spot all day. Along with unrestricted dried food accessibility, this can be a certain way to produce a guinea pig over weight and hence considerably minimize its lifespan. For guinea pigs, exactly the same simple theory applies for people – thinner is better. A healthy guinea pig must experience company to the touch, perhaps not soft and wobbly. Methods to ensure that your guinea pig is in good shape and maybe not overweight contain room enough (at least 3-4 sq.ft for a grown-up guinea pig), games to perform with, normal exploration forays outside of the cage, and restricted food entry (for example, eating twice a day).

Inappropriate bedding. Timber shavings specifically, while very commonly used, aren’t an excellent bedding for guinea pigs. They can trigger foot lesions, incidents to the cavies’fine eyes, and timber dirt which frequently accompanies shavings triggers respiratory (lung) problems. Some types of wood, such as plank or redwood, also include fatty parts that may also trigger allergies and diseases with guinea pigs.

Improper food. This really is the absolute most frequent reason for ailments and deaths among dog guinea pigs. Particularly, serving plenty of damp vegetables such as for example lettuce can cause diarrhea, which is often life-threatening for a guinea pig within 1 or 2 days. Insufficient access to water (for example, disappointment to discover that the gravity water bottle’s basketball was caught and the guinea pig can’t consume enough) results in contamination and can be quite dangerous. Providing water in open containers instead of a jar may lead to contamination with droppings and bedding product and numerous infections as a result.

Guinea pigs produce great animals for a variety of people, but to make certain that your pet is happy you have to ensure you are seeking following your cavies correctly. Like all animals guinea pigs aren’t animals that do not require care. They rely for you, their operator, to appear following them and cater for almost all their needs. Cavies need everyday attention, such as for example serving, brushing (especially in long-haired breeds), workout and medical attention.

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