What is Banksy’s Image About Politics?

Banksy is an iconic Britain-based graffiti artist, vandal, activist, and street artist, active from the late 1990s to this day. His subversive political and social graffiti and satirical street art combine bright graffiti with dark humour executed in an unusual stenciling style. One of his most famous works is titled Exit Wounds, which was released on Bristol street art label in 2020. The artwork portrays a group of British soldiers, in the shape of animals. It was inspired by the infamous picture of soldiers in the Gulf War, which was used extensively by both sides in their propaganda. Banksy’s art is a commentary on the war propaganda.

humour t-shirts has also used stencils to portray other political figures and political ideas, such as the famous skull and crossbones image of Margaret Thatcher. His graffiti has become synonymous with political awareness and debate. His most controversial pieces include politically themed pieces, including a mural at the National Gallery in London. In order to ensure its safety, the artwork is painted over before it can be installed. His work has been featured in national newspapers, TV programs, magazines, billboards and the list goes on. His name has become synonymous with political debate. His political statements often cause heated debate, as his works are politically and socially based.

His image of politics is highly controversial. This is because he attacks political figures which he deems to be corrupt and corruptible. However, Banksy’s works are not meant to be a reflection of his opinion of politicians. His views are based purely on his artistic and political convictions.

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