Have you ever heard of the mirrorless camera, XiaoMi Yi M1? Now, I want to say something about this new device. And I hope that this short article would be useful for you guys when choosing the XiaoMi Yi M1 mirrorless camera or anything like this.


Speaking of the XiaoMi Yi M1, we must know about its configurations above all. This novelty comes with a Sony IMX269 sensor, detachable M4/three bayonet, 20.16 million pixels, and a 3-inch touch screen with 1.04 million pixels. Except for the newest firmware update, the added worth of focusing point is 81, enhancing the concentrate speed and accuracy.


Yi M1 is claimed to be a specific mirrorless camera for smartphone customers. If you usually use the telephone to take pictures, then the M1 is incredibly effortless to use for you. The equipped 3-inch touch screen is for this goal. On this screen, you can touch concentrate, select the exposure, shutter speed and do other operations. On the physique of Yi M1, we can’t obtain the typical aperture, shutter speed, and other mechanical switches. All these functions are integrated into the touchscreen. With the turntable on the prime of the device, it can reach the most effective parameter adjustment. It would take some time to get began for the old-style SLR or traditional mirrorless camera users.


The at the moment released lenses of Yi M1 are only two, but the quantity of option lens groups has been enhanced a lot since of the applying of M4/3 bayonet. All the M4/3 lenses from Panasonic, Olympus can be connected to the M1. The 12-40mm F3.five-five.6 lens would be sufficient to take images for everyday use, equivalent to 24-80mm focal lengths, appropriate for most of the day-to-day scenes. And the 42.5mm F1.eight lens is far more appropriate for creating portraits. The larger aperture and 85mm equivalent will be far more suitable to shoot photos with Bokeh, highlighting the portraits. As shown, the imaging quality of XiaoMi Yi M1 42.5mm lens is not sharp enough. And when the aperture is up to the maximum, the purple edge is apparent.


Anyway, the XiaoMi Yi M1 mirrorless camera offers a commendable functionality. Specially, it would be a excellent choice for smartphone heavy users. What’s much more, this low-price mirrorless camera would be a decent alternative for the novices of digital SLR and these who are not asking for further high image high-quality.

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